I’d like to wish you all a very warm welcome to the little sister site of Jonas Armstrong Blog. 😀 You might be wondering why I opened a new blog / site about Jonas & what on earth it has to do with quilts? 😛

Well it all has to do with Jonas’s latest series Hit and Miss. From the latest preview clip, it’s quite clear that the series will contain some very mature content, which is not allowed to blog about on Jonas Armstrong Blog since the site is categorized as G (appropriate to read for all ages). As I didn’t want to change the site’s rating to M (after all Jonas played Robin Hood), best thing I could do instead is to open a new site for all the rated +16 to R related content. 😀

Basically on this site (which is rated M) I don’t have to worry about if it’s ok to post certain screen caps or not 😉

Why the quilts? LOL I just couldn’t see something like *JonasArmstrongAfterDark.com* as a website’s address! It’d be way too …weird and wrong on all kinds of levels! I originally wanted to call it ‘under the duvet’ but that was already taken ( Marian Keyes novel ).So to spare my and probably Jonas’s blushes, let’s keep it simply to Quilts, Covers & Pillows. Where the pillows will come in handy to hide said blushes haha 😉