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Due to the nature of some of Jonas Armstrong’s acting projects, you may find some posts, gallery images & media offensive. If you’re underage please visit Jonas Armstrong Blog, where you’ll find all the latest news minus the mature content. Thank you!

Book of Blood – Gallery


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I added Book of Blood to the gallery section today. Since this is ‘Quilts’ you’ll find most screen caps from the film there. Though I still took out most of the uhm ‘bloody’ parts from the film. So if you were looking for those, you can still view them by watching it on your DVD copy after all 😀 (Book of Blood is available to buy on DVD and Blu – Ray world wide)

In case you’ve stumbled on this post, re-directed by google or another search engine. Just beware of the extreme mature nature of the screen caps! If you’re underage, I don’t want you to be scarred for life lol, so head over to Jonas Armstrong Blog for the PG version of the gallery 😉

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended by posting the screen caps online. Media remains property of Matador Pictures!

Hit & Miss – Updated Gallery


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I updated the gallery with the images provided by the MIPTV clip. These images show exactly why I needed to make a separate ‘blog’ as such, as they are nowhere near PG rated or even 15! sooo…again be warned 😉

Disclaimer: I really truly don’t have any copyright infringement in mind by posting these. Since I was allowed to share the clip by MIPTV, I figured the same applied for the caps from the clip.

However if there’s any problem please let me know and I’ll remove them asap!

Hit & Miss – Preview at Cannes MIPTV (clip)


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Here’s the full conference talk with Paul Abbott talking about Hit and Miss 😀

I did ask permission from the MIPTV team if it was ok to share this, and they said yes! (so again no copyright infringement intended) (got tweets to prove this 😉 )

Please watch the whole clip as it’s really interesting what Paul has to say about modern day TV & how he works & trains with new writers. He didn’t mention Twenty8k specifically but did talk about the difference writing for Television and Films.

At around 6.00 minutes they show a new preview clip for Hit & Miss, which I think will be shown on SkyAtlantic shortly. And *coughs* yes Jonas Armstrong does feature in the clip. 😛


Hit & Miss – Cannes Session


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So Paul Abbott talked about Sky Atlantic’s Hit and Miss 😀

UPDATE: Read the entire LiveBlog: HERE (Paul Abbott  about working on the project) 😀

Some quotes from the LiveBlog:

“You don’t feed the market what it wants. My belief is you’re meant to take an audience to an unexpected place,” said Abbott.

Life treads on your toes, and we keep writing drama like it’s linear screenwriting

“Paul Abbott just called the protagonist of Hit & Missa glock with a c*ck“! It’s about a transsexual hitman who is both mum & dad

A ludicrous clashing of concepts

Hit and Miss has been sold to Australia (ABC2) , New Zealand (TVNZ) & Israel (HOT) today. And it was already sold to USA (DirectTV) last year! =D Congratulations & hope more countries will buy the rights as well!

Many thanks to MipTV for posting the session transcript online! 😀

Another interview with Paul Abbott : HERE

“I was initially writing it for Laura Ziskin, so I now need to take my time writing it properly and then defend it to the hilt. You have to know where the main cake mix is before you move it around…a transsexual hitman is a bazooka tagline, for example, but you have to back it up. She has to be a convincing character.”

Welcome to Quilts!


I’d like to wish you all a very warm welcome to the little sister site of Jonas Armstrong Blog. 😀 You might be wondering why I opened a new blog / site about Jonas & what on earth it has to do with quilts? 😛

Well it all has to do with Jonas’s latest series Hit and Miss. From the latest preview clip, it’s quite clear that the series will contain some very mature content, which is not allowed to blog about on Jonas Armstrong Blog since the site is categorized as G (appropriate to read for all ages). As I didn’t want to change the site’s rating to M (after all Jonas played Robin Hood), best thing I could do instead is to open a new site for all the rated +16 to R related content. 😀

Basically on this site (which is rated M) I don’t have to worry about if it’s ok to post certain screen caps or not 😉

Why the quilts? LOL I just couldn’t see something like ** as a website’s address! It’d be way too …weird and wrong on all kinds of levels! I originally wanted to call it ‘under the duvet’ but that was already taken ( Marian Keyes novel ).So to spare my and probably Jonas’s blushes, let’s keep it simply to Quilts, Covers & Pillows. Where the pillows will come in handy to hide said blushes haha 😉